Wednesday, March 9, 2011

one jacket.three looks

these photos are from the last trip to vegas
and yes, they look familiar,from the previous post.
i always try to pack light for trips,
an good opportunity to mix and match =)
well, and there is just so much you can pack w/ a carry-on bag...

leather jacket/short: banana cross body bag: miu miu.dress: zara..flat: betsey johnson.socks: jcrew.


  1. really wonderful pictures!!
    all of you look so cute and classy ^__^
    and this miu miu bag is my dream!! it is on the top of my wishlist <33
    one day i'll own one.. loool :)

  2. @Andrea
    i fell in love with it when i first laid eyes on it...then it had been on my wishlist the longest to have it!

  3. Great post i have a white blazer and i didn't know how to wear it you just gave me some ideas thanks ;)


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