Friday, April 1, 2011

Summer wedding inspirations

though I am far from getting married, i have several weddings coming soon
these are breathtaking beautiful! enjoy and have a lovely weekend! 

美呆了! 雖然結婚離我很遙遠﹐看到這些怎能不動心?


  1. I love looking through wedding magazines and websites, even though I am not getting married anytime soon, either! They're just so beautiful and romantic to look at. Luckily though, I can use the excuse of being a bridesmaid this year :)

    Have a good weekend! Am totally loving our weather.

  2. Every piece is just so lovely!! :D I wish I could get married soon! haha
    Thank you for your sweet comment x

    Haru x

  3. Nice pics!

  4. they are so sweet!!! Thank you for sharing these. Now, I got too many ideas and little time to execute all ;)

  5. What a beautiful round up of images! The colors are divine...I can't wait for Spring to start wearing all of the feminine dresses and skirts that are in this year!

  6. oh my goodness, SO much loveliness. I'm smitten with so many of those dresses -actually make that all of them. xx veronika

  7. So many great pieces for wedding!! Love XD

    First time here, have followed yr blog, just wondering will you follow mine as well?


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